Monsieur Saucisse is a true enthusiast of the culinary arts. A master in his field, he offers you his specialties: homemade sausages of legendary quality accompanied by his tasty mayonnaises.

Why do we say:
“« Monsieur Saucisse »?

The history of our sausages

Since its creation in 2016, it has been eager to develop the Quebec food industry. Monsieur Saucisse is a small family story that comes to life with the appetite for good homemade sausages.

More than just sausage

Although we started with sausages, one project followed another to finally be able to offer you a fine range of top-quality products. Today, we have more than fifteen products available.

Monsieur Saucisse's vision

As for the future, he hopes with all his soul to perpetuate his passion and make it a family business.

What is your type?



Curry mango

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